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Christian Redermayer Photography, Vancouver, Canada, British Columbia, Commercial Photography, Architecture, Fine Art,
Portrait taken by Miranda Shewfelt Photography

Christian Redermayer is a passionate Vancouver-based international award winning photographer who loves to deliver his promises of Swiss quality to his clients primary in architectural and fine art photography. 


He is also a book author and a well experienced, solution-oriented team leader, project manager and event organizer and a proud member of the Professional Photographers of Canada. 


Born and raised in Switzerland, Christian has worked for a leading Swiss Television company, and in the sports, retail, finance, and IT communication sectors amongst others.


In summer 2017, he relocated to Canada and made Vancouver his new home and base to capture worldwide ordinary scenes and make them extraordinary and timeless for his customers primary in Architectural,  Fine Art and Product Photography.


As a little boy he developed endless creativity and passion for photography and he had his camera with him at all times. He always tried to capture the most brilliant, stunning images and failed so many times. But often, the most amazing photos happen when you turn away from what everyone else is focused on and capture the world beyond the limits.


This along with his diverse job experience has created a foundation for what he loves to do today. During his work as a motorbike tourist guide, Christian had a chance to discover the world and released his first book in September 2018, documented with many images. It was a life changing time and that's why his book was titled "My own way on the streets of life".


Each time he rode a Harley or stood on top of a mountain, or walked along a path, he had just one thought: 

"I cannot wait to share this moment with the world" - and my passion allows me to do exactly that.



Christian Redermayer Photography, Vancouver, Canada, British Columbia, Commercial Photography, Architecture, Fine Art,
Accredited Member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

If you need a creative solution in Architectural, Product, Fine Art Photography or a personal project, Christian would be more than happy to help you. 


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